We've created the kind of game dev community that we always wanted.

It didn't exist -- so we decided to do something about it.

A community like no other

Because Your Game Dev Journey is like none other.

  • Weekly Group Calls

    Group coaching, tech support, and check-ins to help keep you moving forward with your game.

  • Collaborate - or not

    You have control over whether you want private messages or not - at the account level.

  • Community

    So much more than just a group or a discord.  Real opportunity for real connections with real people.

  • Support

    From tech to moral support -- you'll find it here.  People cheering you on and helping you get unstuck.

  • Exclusive Content

    Articles, tutorials, videos & book lists you won't find anywhere else.


  • Stretch your brain

    (coming soon)

    Game jams, challenges, post mortems, exercises and more.

Join the Community

Easy to sign up -- and easy to cancel. 


If this isn't right for you,

we don't want your money.


We're building a different kind of community for a different kind of game developer.

What is this NOT?

Even more important than what it is, I want to be very clear with what this is NOT going to be.  This is not for everybody. 

  • This is not your own personal 24/7 tech support.  In a similar way to any other group or forum, if you post a question, someone will help when and if they can.  But it will be seen.

  • Your entry fee is not an excuse to behave badly.  We want a quality community WAY more than we want your money.

  • This is not a well established community with hundreds of people and days and days worth of content -- yet.  That's part of why the price is so low, and is likely to go up in the future.

  • This is not every other group that's going to get people mocking you because you don't know the right questions to ask to find something in google or you're not using the latest code driven testing academic standards blah blah whatever.

Okay, so, what is it, then?

This is a paid community that's unlike any game dev community you've ever seen.  You're the star of this community -- yep, you.

  • Your Game Dev Journey is not just a name we pulled randomly from a hat -- we're all on the journey together.  Some have been on the journey a little more time, some a little less.

  • This is exclusive content and tech support help from expert guides who have been on a similar journey -- and still are.

  • This is a weekly group coaching call for office hours, group coaching, tech support or whatever else you need.

  • This is a place to make new friends, tell us about yourself, what you've done, what you want to do -- and find help to get there.

  • This is a place to get feedback on ideas, prototypes, games, marketing strategies -- all in a closed, private ecosystem.

  • This is a group of teachers and learners.  If I tell you to google something, I'm going to link to a google search result, and if it's not really obvious, explain why you probably wouldn't have been able to find the answer otherwise on your own.

Choose Your plan

You can cancel anytime.  Easily.  No BS.

Community + Weekly Group Coaching Calls

community access &

weekly group coaching calls


per month

+ Additional 30 minutes of 1:1 Coaching

same community & group calls, but also includes an extra 30 mins of one on one coaching every month


per month

+ Additional 60 min. of 1:1 Coaching

same community & group calls, but also includes an extra 60 mins of 1:1 coaching every month


per month

About the creator of Your Game Dev Journey:

I'm Greg Dunn, The Game Dev Coach.  I've been programming professionally for the last 25 years.  Beyond that, I've been making games on whatever computer I could find since the early 80's.  Back then, it was a lot harder to make a game, and nearly impossible to get help if you were stuck on some aspect of it.  You had to power your way through it or hope you could find somebody who knew more than you did -- and there weren't a lot of people programming on home computers back then.


I normally charge a lot of money per hour when I'm bringing my 25 years of programming experience to help bring their vision to life.  But I've created this community because it's the kind of place I always wanted and haven't found, and because I want to see other people learn the amazing superpower of bringing their ideas to life.


So I'll be spending time every day in the community, doing my best to help game developers who are stuck so that nobody faces the same issues I did when I was learning how to build games.  I've also had a lot of awesome people help me over the years, and I want to give back to others.  And some of those awesome people are going to joining us in the community to help you, too.

See what people had to say about Greg Dunn, The Game Dev Coach, on our Facebook page:

I have come to rely on The Game Dev Coach more than I can say. There have been so many times that they have gotten me un-stuck and past a problem!
I am all for tutorials and courses but there is nothing like getting live help from someone on your specific problem. It has been an absolute Game Changer for my creative process!

Jordan Goddard

(From our Facebook Page)

I spent $$$ on Udemy videos, all of which claim to have access to the creators for help, and they never help.
If you want real help with getting anything to work with your games, I highly recommend this man right here. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and will actually help you get stuff done right.

Jon Jon

(From our Facebook Page)

I was stuck in the Unity trap of working on a project, getting stuck, googling an answer, watching 2-3 YouTube videos, make some progress, repeat.


Then I met the Game Dev Coach. He was able to help me work through my two biggest roadblocks and get my project back on track. With his help I was able to get my game completed and released.

Valerie Lioudis

(From our Facebook Page)

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