Build and Publish Your First Game in 4 Weeks!

( even if you've never coded before )

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The Game Dev Boot Camp!

This will be 4 weeks of teaching and interaction, taking someone from no experience to making and publishing their first game.

In just 4 weeks, you're going to have:

  • Your very own game -- published on the web for people to play!

  • The tools and skills you need to start bringing ideas to life

  • The fundamental knowledge of game mechanics -- and how to bring them to life in one of today's most popular game engines

  • A community of supporters to encourage, inspire, motivate -- and help you learn how to overcome obstacles

Learn to write code

We'll be learning C# starting from scratch, covering what you need to know -- and simplifying concepts to get on with the game development.

Familiar examples

Learning how to recreate simple games like this with minimal parts will help solidify the concepts when you want to make your own games.

Learn core concepts

Whether you're trying to make a game about a flying bird or a tank that sprays bullets -- we're going to learn the core concepts behind them all.

Have you had an idea for a game but didn't know where to start?


Or maybe you've started a few times but didn't have the support you needed to get you across that finish line?

It's easy to start making games -- there are countless YouTube videos out there that will "teach" you how to make a game. But you're usually going to run into trouble when you try to:

  • follow along, because the tutorial is outdated (and you don't find that out very quickly)
  • put what you learned into practice with your own ideas, because it wasn't explained properly
  • reach out for help to the author, or a forum --and get no response.  Or worse, people mocking you.

This is why so many people get discouraged and quit -- and those ideas die with them.


I can relate... and I hate it.

I've been making games on whatever computer I could find since the early 80's.  Back then, it was a lot harder to make a game, and nearly impossible to get help if you were stuck on some aspect of it.  You had to power your way through it or hope you could find somebody who knew more than you did -- and there weren't a lot of people programming on home computers back then.


I know exactly how it feels to be stuck with nowhere to turn for help, or to reach out on a group to ask for help, only to be ridiculed or get told to "google it lol".   If that's happened to you... I'm so sorry... and it's not your fault.


I don't want anyone else to have to ever have to feel that way.

Introducing The Game Dev Boot Camp:

My name is Greg Dunn, and I've been programming professionally for the last 25 years, focused on apps and games over the last decade.  And I'm tired of seeing people discouraged when they try to enter this field and bring their dreams to life.


So I'm launching this game dev boot camp that I've created that brings my decades of bringing ideas to life to help you learn how to build games -- even if you don't know any programming.  Whether your eventual goal is to build a game that rivals Fortnite, Minecraft or brings to life the crazy multiverse seen in Ready Player One -- nearly every video game ever made has the same components at the heart of it. If you boil it down to things like putting visuals on the screen, responding to user input, presenting challenges to the player, objects interacting with each other or a game loop that's keeping up with the game state, player scores and lives... the fundamentals are the same.


That's why I'm focused on the fundamentals for this boot camp.  Because a first person shooter isn't all that different than a match-3 or idle clicker or puzzle game at it's very core. The greats in any field know how important the foundations are to the rest of their progress, which is why many of the high performers spend time going over the basics again and again -- even when they're at the top of their field.


If you learn the foundations of what makes up a game, how to build it and how to put those things in practice -- in time, you'll be able to create any kind of game that you want.  This boot camp style course consists of 4 weeks of instruction, feedback and community with other participants.  We'll be using the Unity game engine which is one of the most popular in the world and has been used for countless games that have been released on nearly every platform in recent years, from computers to consoles.  We'll be (optionally) publishing our game to the indie-friendly game platform -- where you can continue to update it and even sell it, if that's your goal.

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